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HBNB Productions, Inc.

How We Started

During college, Jennifer Barbaro, CEO worked in both the film industry, and as a top requested promotional model. As a professional, reliable, and dedicated worker, Jennifer was in high demand and working her way up the corporate ladder in each field.

While working as a freelance producer, a client from a large distillery who often requested Jennifer, asked if she would be his new marketing agency. With a ton of industry experience and still much to learn, Jennifer opened HBNB Productions in 1997. From there, many clients followed with varying requests, from full marketing programs to video production, to needing highly trained brand ambassadors.

Word spread and in no time, HBNB Productions was a booming success. Every person on the HBNB Team from brand ambassador to cinematographer, was, and still is, selected through personal introduction and their reputation of integrity, professionalism, and drive for client/team success.

Over the past 25 years, HBNB Productions has grown into a full service agency with nationwide capabilities, incorporating Jennifer’s production skills, with her extensive marketing/brand and promotional knowledge.

You may ask yourself how video production relates to marketing and promotions. It really is a no brainer. Firstly, the organizational and communications skillset required to be a successful producer can be applied to film, events, and any management. Further, it makes sense, especially in the age of social media, to present a complete brand package that includes the creative events, the brand ambassadors working them and delivering the brand’s message, as well as a professional video record to reinforce it all.

Of course some clients only utilize our brand ambassadors, or only want to develop a campaign, or make a film, and that is okay. We offer the whole package, or just the piece you are ready for in the moment. We work with all sizes of clients and budgets and develop individualized plans to meet each of your unique needs.

While HBNB has a broad professional reach, it remains a boutique of quality and excellence. Jennifer works with select clients which allows her the ability to be actively and personally involved with each.

How We Started

Mission & Vision

Welcome to HBNB ProductionsOur mission is to exceed our clients’ goals by uniting a diverse team of professionals, promoting collaboration, and elevating industry standards.  We develop lasting relationships based on loyalty, integrity, and stability, which result in brand recognition and overall market growth for our clients.

HBNB specializes in building brand awareness and increasing sales. We offer total development from concept to completion. We provide strategic marketing and events, creative videos, and professional brand ambassadors, that deliver your message in an original and highly effective way.

Completed Projects
Years Experience


Jennifer Barbaro

Jennifer Barbaro is the Founder and CEO of HBNB Productions (1997). Prior to opening HBNB, Jennifer had a diverse and successful career in management, as both a Freelance Producer in Hollywood and as the California State Manager for a liquor company.

While studying, she began her career as a union actress and promotional model, working her way up, and affording her the unique opportunity to understand her industry from many perspectives.

As the California State Manager for McCormick Distilling, Jennifer successfully launched new products, managed distributorships, clients, budgets, pricing, point of sale, and set up and oversaw all promotions, trade shows, and events, while developing countless lasting relationships. This experience is extremely beneficial to her current clients in that she understands the industry from an inside point of view.

Jennifer has had the opportunity to partner with the launch of several new products over the years including Heineken Light and Sierra Mist. Her diverse experience includes creating unique concepts that could be duplicated in major test markets nationwide, developing the point of sale to support the launch, and managing all aspects of nationwide tours involving budgets, vehicles, product, costumes, logistics, agencies, brand ambassadors, and crew. Some of the other major tours Jennifer has managed include Juanitas Foods, Starbucks vans, MBNA Bank, and Malibu Rum loves Fruit.

As a freelance Producer/Director, Jennifer has developed creative campaigns to visually present her client’s brands and ideas. She has produced a variety of films, music videos, commercials, and corporate videos from concept to completion. Over the years, Jennifer has developed a team of seasoned industry professionals that are an invaluable asset to her productions.

Jennifer is an award winning filmmaker, who volunteers on several public art boards, including the Barbaro-Gould Foundation, that she and her partner founded in 2012. She has lived in several cities abroad and is a world traveler. She is proficient in English and Spanish and is an innovative, professional, committed leader who thinks outside of the “proverbial box.” Jennifer brings a personal touch, unparalleled dedication, and a world of experience to every project she undertakes.

Originally from Philadelphia, Jennifer holds an MFA from Loyola Marymount University in California.